How can I find and choose the right yacht charter for me?

First you find where you want to go in Greece.
You can then request a booking, or contact us, to fine tune your selection and receive yacht chartering advice and any current special deals.

What is the cost of a crewed yacht charter?

The cost of your crewed yacht charter depends on a couple of different things. The larger the yacht and the more crew it uses, generally the more expensive it will be. Newer yachts are often dearer, although this is not always the case as sometimes older, classic yachts may have been constructed with the best materials and finest attention to detail. The length of time you charter your yacht, of course, also determines cost. Most yacht charter guests charter for one week or longer. Some yachts may be willing to offer a discount for an extended yacht charter. We can organize a charter of most lengths and our specialist service is free with no extra cost to you. In fact, with our negotiation experience, networks and industry knowledge we will likely save you money in addition to supplying you the best boat. Use our yacht charter search to find the yacht you are seeking, or to request advice from the Margeo yachts team.

What do I need to pack and bring for the yacht chartering vacation?

As with most holidays or vacations the general rule is: the least baggage you have the better. This truism is no different for yacht chartering vacations or holidays. To help you pack, just imagine what it is that you are going to be doing while on your particular charter.

Some of the time you may be swimming or sunbathing - other times you might be dining in a great seafood restaurant. The type of charter and location dictates what is advisable to bring. We can give you advice on what to pack for specific charters.

Some items which are worth considering are: light summer clothing such as shorts, tops, skirts, sun hats or caps, sandals, trainers or sneakers or soft soled athletic shoes, bathing and swim suites and warmer clothing for night wear such as sweatshirt, sweater, windbreaker, jeans, light pants. You may want to go out dining and socializing in the evening so some more "smart casual" and even formal clothing, such as long pants and collared shirts and maybe a jacket could be a good idea. If you are chartering an adventure yacht charter you will be informed about any specific items needed. Also if you are going to cooler climates remember warmer clothing and a rain-jacket etc.

Remember to bring any personal items such as passports and visas as well as medication or personal sport equipment. Softer luggage is ideal for fitting into cabin lockers and is generally more practical on a yacht.

What type of activities will there be to do on my yacht chartering vacation?

A few of the more common activities which yacht charter guests can enjoy includesswimming, sunbathing, dining, night clubbing, tramping, shopping, fishing, sailing - the list goes on depending on your charter location. Use our experience to fit the best type of yacht and location to your desired activities.

Can I choose which day of the week I begin and end my yacht charter?

Yacht charters can start and end on any day of the week, subject to availability. The usual time for embarkation is 15.00 pm and disembarkation is 09.00 am, however it may be possible to change this time on request if it does not suit your travel arrangements to or from the yacht.

What will the weather be like for my chosen yacht charter?

Margeo Yachts provides yacht chartering location information such as general expected seasonal weather. If you still have questions or want a more detailed forecast please do not hesitate contacting us for advice.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by bank transfer.